Are you familiar with the Italian dairy tradition? Here, in Ortia we renew it.

Few Ingredients, All Vegetables


We chose chickpeas because they are part of the Italian tradition. They have always been used as a substitute for meat in the poor, Mediterranean diet: we wanted to pay homage to our roots in this way.

Cashew nuts

Nuts are important: cashews are a source of fatty acids good for cardiovascular health, are antioxidants and rich in minerals and vitamin E. Oh, did we mention that they also give an incredible creaminess to our creations?


Coconut oil

A drizzle of coconut oil is ideal to make our dairy creations even more mouthwatering! After much trial, we chose coconut oil because it goes so well with the chickpea base and also helps keep cholesterol levels in the normal range.

Vegetable rennet

True to our 100% plant-based concept, we use only rennet obtained from non-animal sources. Our touch for a unique taste inspired by the great Italian dairy tradition. Because an alternative to cheese is possible and it’s good!

Traditional production

How different is the production of ortia creations from that of a traditional cheese?

Very little in fact.

Raw material preparation

We heat our raw materials by bringing them to the right temperature.


We add ferments and rennet, take care of the whole thing, and then let the magic happen: in a way very similar to traditional dairy processes we get a curd, but in this case only from raw plant materials.

Adding flavors

The achievement so far is only the basis of our Cremosi. At this stage we add the flavors that characterize our plant creations.


At this point the Cremosi are almost ready. That leaves dosing in the trays, and sealing that ensure a fresh product.

Vegetable, Italian, delicious